Blobs and Buttons


This Ruby on Rails app uses canvas (HTML5, Javascript) to draw the "blobs". I haven't learned too much about asynchronous programming in Javascript so some of the organization is kind of wild. I hope to cover that with my next project.

Back to the blobs: Go and make your own! Remember to feed and pet your blob often, or else s/he'll get sad. Just click the strawberry once to pick it up, then click it once more over the blob to feed your special friend. Same goes for petting.

Lessons Learned:
  1. PUT requests in Rails 
  2. Rails environments (development, production, etc.)
  3. Using getters to set model attributes

Useless Buttons

With this project I was mostly trying to get accustomed to using HAML (haml.info), a markup language to replace ERB.

Lessons Learned:
  1. Basic HAML
  2. Basic SASS
  3. Uploading  a database to Heroku
  4. Benefits of Relative vs. Absolute positioning

Try and get a new high score for one or more of the buttons! :)
Or do what Shea did (cheater) and send your own PUT request to the necessary URL. >:(

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