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I made a website for a friend who wanted a place to display pictures of his welding projects, using Ruby on Rails and Knockout. This time I used Knockout to make a working lighbox instead of changing the lightbox's class from "visible" to "invisible". It was both more and less difficult.

More difficult because:
I accidentally included an outdated knockout gems which produced a few errors that I just couldn't figure out. I also didn't know about Knockout's $parent and $child bindings until after I had figured out a convoluted way of producing the same effect on my own.

Less difficult because:
Knockout's 'foreach' and 'click' bindings allowed me to easily move from image to image. I would say the overall time this took me, even with the difficulties, was less than the previous implementation of the same lightbox.

Lessons Learned:
1. How to use $parent and $child binding contexts in KnockoutJS
2. How to use anchors to jump to numerous points on a page
3. Improved understanding of HTML positioning and CSS features

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