Starry Night

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Before you click: Music plays on page load, so mind your speakers.

More KineticJS and SoundJS

The Canvas starts off empty, background colour set to black. On 'mousedown' a yellow circle starts to grow, on 'mouseup' a Kinetic Tween sets it on its course. Some circles fly off of the screen but some stick around to create the appearance of a "starry night". If want what looks like a full moon in your sky, wait a few seconds before lifting your mouse up.

Background Song: Once Upon a December

I want to learn to use Box2D-Web, a Javascript version of the C++ library used by Angry Birds to create and manage all their physics. I've been slowly trying to build something using the tutorials linked below under "resources".


Visit Github page HERE
Visit Starry Night HERE


Box2D Tutorial
Box2D Tutorial 2

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